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Workflow for RBD fracture/destruction


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This is an open question on workflow for RBD fracture/destruction. 

I have a bridge where it gets destroyed by a magical force (i.e. pieces must initially fly in predefined directions). In addition, I want be able to control pieces sizes when they get initially detached from the bridge, and when big pieces hit the ground they should break further. Couple challenges here: (a) deattach pieces in bug chunks, (c) control their initial velocity (for 1 or 2 frames right after they deattach), (b) break big chunks when hitting the ground. (by 'chunk' I mean pieces constrained together using glue constraints).  

So far I have tested two workflow :

a ) Use built-in RBD Material node to create hierarchical fracture, use other built-in nodes to constraint pieces together,  and apply a deformed static object to break the bridge. However, when I do so :  (1) I have no control over the pieces initial directions, and (2) it will be super difficult to control how pieces break in a hierarchical way such that big chunks break first then when hitting ground they break further (e.g. measure constraints impulses, compare to constraints strength, adjust, retest) ==> This workflow seems hard/near impossible  to control

b ) Still use houdini nodes to fracture pieces, but then rely on vex code/logic to break pieces (i.e. no static deformed collider), cluster big/small pieces, break constraints further when chunks hitting the ground (i.e. check collision with grounds and break more constraints) --> this is working but painful to write!!

I am wondering what other artists/TD do when they have super artistically controlled destruction?




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