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Pyro through collision


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“Pyro and collisions”
this sample hip file shows two setups.
A) setup SDF volume from staticObject. 
B)SDF volume on SOP, for Collision volume. 

I set it by method B.
However, the collision is not accurate and the fluid appears to slip through.
what’s wrong?

increasing substeps does not work well, and avoid it.





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I'm sorry, my explanation seems to be lacking.
I don't want to trap the flames.
I want to make the ball collide accurately so that it does not pop out.

I also tried Volume-Sample, but it still popped out.
However, the fact that the flame slides on the sphere may be accurate.

Therefore, it may be necessary to add other flames at front.

or, ball does not move, add velocity from front, or move only very slow, and move pyro simulated cache.

These tricks aren't very good, but they are often used.

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