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Is it possible to direct emitter to emit 1 particle at a frame and another 1 at latter frame?


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I have positions of bullet holes on a wall geo that I want to add RBD fracture.  What I want to achieve is to create a bullet hole per particle hit at frame 10 and another particle hit at frame 15, and another one at frame 25, for example.  I learned how to set emission on/off between frames but I can't figure out how to control "when" to emit that one.  Animate a small sphere might be more directable but I wonder if there is way to do it with particles.  Thanks for your help!

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Thanks for helping out, Atom!  I have the expression set both in Impulse and Const. Activation for testing; however, frame 15 and 25 would both get ignored for some reason.  The expression does make sense to me, to activate at those 3 frames and deactivate at the rest.  Perhaps particle simulation can't be controlled like what I wanted?  I have a simple scene attached with the expression.  I want to emit 1 particle at frame 10 and another 1 particle at frame 15, and another one at frame 25.  Or in this case, how would you approach it?


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