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Fresnel / edge falloff shader


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Hello everyone !

I hope this is the right place to ask, if not, sorry ! 

I've been using houdini for a few years now, but mostly for FX and I am not familiar with shaders at all. I've been looking for an answer everywhere for days, but I think I definitely need to ask here, I'd like to create a "simple" (nothing is "simple" in houdini haha) fresnel / edge falloff shader, like the picture below. I've found this thread  https://forums.odforce.net/topic/15808-fresnel-refrlection/

with cool answers from Jeff, but first, i'm quite lost in those material vops, as I'm not used to those nodes at all, and second, this is reflecting light, which I do not want, and I've tried to tweak those a bit to remove this but clearly i don't understand how it works, and can't get what I want. 

My wish is very basic (at least to me) a simple black color with colored (emitting maybe?) fallof edges like this, but thinner, so like having a ramp to control fallof i suppose : 



If i could get any help that would be so much, much  appreciated, thanks a lot ! and happy holidays :)

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that works almost perfectly, thank you very much for that quick and efficient answer ! :) (and i feel dumb because it's really just 3 nodes, but well I didn't know them ^^')

I'd also look for controlling the "thickness" of the falloff outline, but the edge falloff controller on the node mostly darkens the effect when you lower it. i'm not sure how to explain this properly, i mean right now the falloff effect is a bit "blurry" and I'd like to control it for making it sharper ? so it's get more cartoon-ish ? If you see what I mean


Anyway, thanks again for your help ! 

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On 12/22/2020 at 11:05 AM, Librarian said:

@Stjarna Have Fun




Sorry for resurrecting this old thread but...

Would it be possible to have a ramp drive the falloff instead of the edgefalloff node (which has a float input)?  So that way I could customize how I want he falloff to be portrayed?  for example, say have a gradient thats black at the facing angle, white at the 45 degree angle, and black again at the perpendicular angle? 

I too am used to doing this in Maya with a ramp and a sampler info node - the ramp gives a lot of flexibility.


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