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Flat Tank Ocean Issues


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Hey :)

I have some issues with my scene.
As you can see in the image, the ocean looks strange.
Also there are a lot of tiles repeating again and again, also inside the Non-Region.

In this render the wave high is okay. But in other stuff it is not. You can see this here:



Not only that the wave is too high (I do not find where the change this or I do not have a result inside the viewport idk),
it looks like the water goes threw the ship hull, which would look weird.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

I also have the issue that the ocean flat tanked created the water not in the central where the ship is. I tried to fix this but nothing really work.


Honestly I do not know the reason why it went this way anyway.

I think Houdini is a very powerful software, but I am new to it.
As always it will take some time to learn but helping me with this would really help ;)

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Okay I fixed the issue with the X-translated ocean. It was a object error.
Still the animation of the ocean is causing the ship "to sink". I mean, water is moving over the hull for some reason :(
Any ideas? It looks like if the ship is moving down the Y-Axis during the animation but this is not true. Or the ocean is moving up...
Or the ship is really sinking...

Edit: When the ship moves forward white vertices are moving threw the ship hull. I guess they should be blocked so anything I can do about this?


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Maybe this helps you to help me:

I reduced particle separation a lot so there are many particles. The ocean is very blocky and some of the blue boxes and spheres remain...


Edit: When I change "Droplet Scale" in particlefluidsurface1 inside the flattank_fluid node they disappear. maybe this could be a reason?


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