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How to have Redshift read downloaded FBX shaders in Houdini

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Hi Guys. I downloaded this FBX file a while back and it's been great. It's a Mark VI ship that's textured. I brought it into Houdini and mantra reads it well. The only problem is I'm using Redshift for the scene with water and I'm not sure how to get redshift to read the shaders or how to connect them. I can't seem to find any useful tutorials on this either. 

A couple years ago Grand Master Atom was amazingly helpful with a script that he wrote for redshift to read downloaded shaders but I can't get that to work anymore. I think the recent updates over the years broke that script or something. Anyone know how to connect so redshift reads the shaders?




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houdini auto convert the data in fbx file into mantra shaders.
redhsift can't read any mantra shaders. each renderer has its own shaders. the python script graps the mantra shader and replaces it with redhsift shaders and update textures path etc.. you can do my hand or google for mantra-redhsift script.

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