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Katamari Challange


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After about 8 hours (!!) i finally figured this one out, including how to get the sphere to accumulate other objects on top of ones it has already stuck to.

the solution i came up uses a script solver to deal with the impact data and decide which object to glue something to. simply put, i'm storing the objects impact "otherobjid" field, so long as it isn't the ground plane (easy since that is ID 0 in my net), and then i'm setting the glue object field in an rbd state object with:

`dopobjectlist($DOPNET, dopoption($DOPNET, $OBJID, "AuxImpacts", "firstImpactID"), 1)`

where AuxImpacts and firstImpactID are my custom names.

i tried using chops for this, but couldn't figure out how to preserve the data from the dynamics chop, as the impact data exists only for one frame. i suspect this might be possible, but i just don't know how to wrangle data in chops well enough yet. is there another way to do this? anyway, i learned a lot doing this challenge... thanks!


You made your project too much complicated.

Check my network.


Maybe it will help you.

GallenWolf- Congrats!! Good work ;)


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Gah! Is that your entire simulation ptakun?

I was using a script solver for the collision, and then dop importing it into sops for the colors. Any hints? :-)


Hey GallenWolf,

No, no. Previous picture showed first stage (no colors).

I don't use "script solver" in both versions.

No color version included:

-standard Dop network where sphere collide with boxes

-one additional data and 4 expressions for boxes

to Color version I added:

-one data and 2 expressions to sphere

-sop solver

-sop network(point node)



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I know this thread is a little old now, but do you think you can quickly explain how your code is working in there? I'm trying something similar, but instead of having just one ball rolling, I need multiple objects to have that same kind of interaction.

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yes, the challenge is superb, i agree =) ( my version some time ago


in addition to this chalenge i suggest to think about how to make all objects not rbd, but 'soft' .. =)

there is some very funny trick with adding and deleting 'Colliders' data and convert squishy object to rbd

(please look , thanks to Johner!)

but nevertheless i don't know right now how to convert all the simulation to this 'squihy mode'.. =) so, maybe this will be the addition to challenge?)

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