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What is your workflow to maintain color fidelity?

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Hello all,

I am having troubles with the way colours look between the color editor, the render preview, and the output.

There is something I should know that I don't know yet. I heard about linear workflow but if I could have your tips on this, that would be great.

First in the colour picker when I choose a color for a material (I am using Redshift, but I saw the same issue in Mantra), the color in the little square doesn't match the color I am sampling from an image.
How should I set up this color picker: Linear/Raw/sRGB ??

Then that color taken with the colour picker doesn't look similar in the renderview.
How should I set Redshift renderview ( Linear/Raw/sRGB/OCIO) ??

And in the Redshift ROP, is there something I should be aware of, something to tick? 
Are you using the settings in the render preview of RS, as far as I can tell, you can only render a frame from here, not the sequence.


I have been looking online but most tutorials I saw don't talk much about this.

I read that having everything linear is best apparently, as it works better for post editing, but when I set my color picker to Linear, my RS preview to linear, when I output my EXR, it looks dull (it looks like the sRGB of the RS renderview)

Voila, any tips about your personal workflow for this would be amazing and if you know about a tutorial about this, please share :)

Thank you very much


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There's a post FX tab on the render rop that has tick boxes for baking in certain settings from the RV (Like LUTs, Bloom, or CM). The RV shows you what your linear picture will look like when baked to sRGB (the screenshot you posted). It's just a view-transform. Your picture is still linear just viewing it in sRGB. The color picker can be changed, either sRGB or Linear will be correct, I don't know which though!

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