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Can My Computer Handle A Comic Book Villian!

Dr. Gore

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I always have problems with cooking, it kills my computer. I think it because I am not being conservative with models and particles. My computer is a Dell Pentium 3 with 996 MHz 512 RAM NVIDIA GeForce 2 graphic card. Any advise on how to create a cool particle transformation of a character without murdering my computer is welcome.

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test with low poly geometery and low particle count

then render (not display) tests with higher res and particles...until you find particle behavior that gets close to what you want...then render for real

also - look for ways to do your particles in layers....

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you'll also want have a look at the unload flag. you can activate this on any sop by rmb on the node and

picking "unload". This unloads the cached data in a sop once the sop has cooked and passed it's information

to the next sop.

Warning: Do not use the unload flag on simulation sops ie popnets. In this case

the sop needs the cached state from the previous frame.

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