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split along edge for simulation

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I have a jacket  I want to simulate. This jacket has a zip running down the front. The modeller who created the jacket has not left the line of edges where the zip is meant to run sperate. All the points are merged along that edge.

I have been told to simulation this jacket as if the zip is open. Now I cant to this because these edges are all merged.

What tool in houdini will let me take a row of edges on a GEO. Let me separate them. So vellium will see it are two separate pieces of cloth?



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If you have edges you just need to separate, you can select those points and use the Facet SOP with "Unique Points" enabled to split them apart.  Then fuse the points along the new separate border edges (to reconnect the adjacent edges to each other) and use polyfill to close the open faces where it's been split.


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Ah, yep, Tomas' tip about the Edge Cusp SOP is a better option - you still have to PolyFill the open faces, but you don't have to deal with fusing disconnected points.  Facet has been in the toolbox so long I always default to it, but I'll have to start using Edge Cusp more ;)

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