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Underwater Surface

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I've been trying to create an underwater scene with some fish swimming about, but I can't seem to get the surface correct. Right now

I'm just using a small ocean, and have the camera underneath. I created a box and used uniform volume to fill the underneath. Using the ocean shader that's

default on the small ocean but it doesn't look correct. The direct light (Sun) and Sky should show through the surface seen from below... but it's all black (except the volumetric rays show). Is there a better way to go about this to get that typical underwater surface look with the sun showing through as

you look up from the deep blue?  Thanks!


Photo of the look I'm trying to achieve with Mantra only... I really want to avoid compositing at this point. I can do this in Maya, Vue & 3dsmax, but I can't figure this out in Houdini!




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On 10/04/2021 at 8:41 AM, ryew said:

You will likely get help faster if you post a simple example scene for others to investigate/tweak for you ;)

Okay here's the scene for anyone to look at and modify so it looks realistic like the example pic I posted. This is what I have so far... the water above in in which the light shines through looks blotchy and doesn't have the look at all like the water in the reference pic. Been playing around with this for a while and I just can't seem to get that convincing underwater look :/ 


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I have some scene from 16.5 using Equiangular Homogenic volumetric , directly render no Comp ...don't see any reason why you gonna render directly that ..When you can do this in" toon vis" tutorials for nuke, digital fusion, after effects ..
+ you have in Blender free render LUXCORE that do those stuff in the FLY ..maybe... that huge PIC its BLENDER  3min frame ..gonna try  to find file from 16.5





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Hello... some nice underwater there.  My only problem is getting the topside look with the proper lighting. Been playing with the ocean displacement and area lights here... maybe someone know a more advanced method? 

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