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Can someone help me with my VEX code about addprim?


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Hi peeps,

For a project I'm working on a trail system where I want to draw lines from one point object to another. I followed a tutorial from Entegma explaining how to do this and it works well.
Only in my project I want the lines not to be drawn on the points from the whole object that are also in this search radius. If you look at the image you can see the red lines. I only want the light blue lines.
Also in the image is the VEX code. Can someone help me solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!


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16 hours ago, krishna avril said:

use blast to delete primitives based on the color


or even use the removeprim vex code

Thank you, This works!
I also tried working with a connect adjacent pieces SOP and made it work with that aswell 
Thank you for your reply :)

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