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Importing FBX with Python H18.5


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For some reason, I simply can't get the hou.hipFile.importFBX function to work. It always sends me an error message that says 'Attempted operation failed. Cannot read file_name. I've been just experimenting with this snippet of code, trying to get it to work: 

fbx = hou.hipFile.importFBX('C:/string/path/to/file.fbx')
# Set FBX scale

# Get and print FBX nodes
listNodesFBX = fbx[0].children()
for node in listNodesFBX:
    print node

Did something change with the function in 18.5 or am I doing something wrong? 

For context, I'm just getting into coding and building my own tools in Houdini. I want to perform the same operation as File > Import FBX camera but with Python. 

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It works fine for me when I use the Python shell (18.5.408). You may want to add the merge_into_scene argument to True to make sure it imports the fbx file into your scene and not create a new file from it.

hou.hipFile.importFBX("D:/Path/To/My/FBX/file.fbx", merge_into_scene=True)



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