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Filter camera object visibility


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I'm looking for a way to fine-tune exactly what visible OBJ nodes appear in a certain camera.

I'm working on a Wrap-like tool similar to what Pixar show here: 

In terms of having the two camera views side by side, they have two separate obj networks for the source and destination meshes. I would like to contain the process in one network.

If I have a simple OBJ network like so : 608519b94c95d_2021-04-2508_26_31-F__all_projects_desktop_houdini_superconform_v001.hipnc-HoudiniApprenticeNon.png.a866235f89180f93fbc732ef714cfc98.png

And two cameras pointing to it, is there a way for Camera_A to only show sphere1 in the viewport, and hide box1, despite the fact that both are marked visible? 

I don't believe it's an option to collect the specific obj nodes together in a Geometry node via obj merges or similar, and just point the camera to that, since the OBJ transforms need to be directly interactible from the camera.

Thanks for your help

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