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Use filecache in Houdini Engine


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Hi forum, I am trying to get the File Cache working in Houdini Engine(using Maya). It works perfectly in Houdini but when tried to use it in Maya 2020 it doesn't cache anything. I also tried caching out ROP Alembic Output Node(just for test), but it makes a file but not caching properly. Also tried ROP Geometry Output but the same problem as the File Cache node.

Anyone successfully made the file cache working using Houdini Engine? I really appreciate your advice if anyone knows how to accomplish this.
I attached the HDA below, please look if anyone has time for this. Thank you in advance.


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It may be that the folder structure doesn't exists the same way in Maya as in Houdini. Perhaps an embedded HDA in Maya doesn't have write privileges to the disk? Verify that your target cache folders exist and your HDA has access to them.

If you are exporting a simulation, make sure to activate Initialize Simulation OPs on each of the ROPs. That should force a cook on export.

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Hey Atom, thanks for your advice. The folder is actually gets created without any problem. Actually one time it worked randomly but stopped working again... I am really not sure what is going on now.

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