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Vellum Group by creation frame

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I have a vellum sim in a dopnet set to continuous and activation set to $FF%20==1. Which creates a vellum cloth on every 20th frame. How can I set a group to each emitted cloth so i can separate them post sim? 

thanks in advance for any help.


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What I usually do if I want to separate things like this post frame is that I note the creation frame as an attribute and separate it post sim based on that. Using a wrangle with some VEX code similar to:

i@creationframe = @Frame;

But this concept could be used to put stuff into unique groups as well. Something like:

if(i@lock == 0)
i@lock = 1;

For the group name, maybe just use "'Vellum_' + itoa(@Frame)".

Hope that can be helpful

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