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Deleting RBD Clusters for Splintered Wood Effect


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Hello all,

I'd like to know how I might procedurally delete individual clusters created by using a two stacked RBD Material Fracture nodes. 

I start with a tube and add the first fracture node fractures radially using the 'glass' setting. The second fracture node splits the 'glass' fragments into 'splintered' layers along the y axis using the 'wood' presets.

What I'd like to do is delete some of the 'wood' clusters that occupy the upper portions of the tall 'glass' shards. This would expose the splintered wood look I'm going for. I'm at a loss for how to go about this however. I can use a plain ol' Delete SOP, but since there are 500+ clusters, finding them by individual name is unwieldy to say the least.

If I'm not using some VEX, it seems the ideal would be to create some setup that would let me create a centroid point for every cluster, then associate the clusters' primitives per those centroid points, then use a bounding volume to select those points, and delete all those points along with all the  prims associated with them. Trouble is I really don't know how to set this up. 

It would also help to know if there's a way to also delete any clusters that fall below a volume threshold.

Any help is good help - many thanks!







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I don't have Houdini in front of me now, but have a look at the "assemble" or "pack" nodes (in the "assemble" node remember to check the "pack geometry" option). They will pack your geometry and as a "side effect" they'll now each be represented by only a centroid point. After that, you can do exactly what you mentioned by using a bounding volume to delete the pieces or any other way like simply selecting them manually since one click should select the whole cluster now. Once you delete the point, the cluster will go with it so no need for the middle step of associating a cluster with a centroid point, it's all done for you.

As for deleting pieces that fall below a certain threshold, you can do the exact same thing but except for a volume at the top, place the volume at the bottom. One thing I'd advice here though would be to delete the pieces after the RBD solver, don't try to do it during the sim, it'll only cause you more issues than needed.

Hope that can be useful!

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