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Help with maintaining hair shape while simulating


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Hello guys,

I created a haircut for my character and looked online at how I could get my guides animated. I ended up with the workflow below.

My problem now is that I would like to maintain the shape of the haircut. As of now, the guides are all falling under the effect of gravity and end up being straight.

Can my problem be solved with the Guide Simulate parameters? Should I create some additional attributes? 

Thank you!


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in the end, it doesn't work that well this way either. Really struggling on this one. I am sure someone familiar with the grooming workflow could spot the issue in seconds!!
I really don't get how to keep the hair in shape while moving. I tried to reduce the hair mass on the Guide Simulate, no effect.

here's the hip file in case

Thank you very very much



Screenshot 2021-05-17 214049.jpg

Screenshot 2021-05-17 214107.jpg

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