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Trigger Animation on Event


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Hi, I wonder if it is possible to trigger an animation on an event.

Let's say I have a sphere, I simulate it falling on the ground just using a Dopnet and a ground plane as a static object.

And let's say I want to play an animation each time the sphere touch the ground, like waves on some water.

How can I do it ?

I've heard of RBD Impact Analysis, but I can't find how to use the generated points for something like it ?

Can someone help me ?

And can I have an example file ?

I link an example of wave that I want to trigger when the sphere touch the ground


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Hey I think Bullet uses its own impact data (the toggle is on the RBD Packed Object under 'Bullet Data'). You can get rid of the Impact Analysis and use a "DOP Import Records" SOP with the 'Data' and 'Records' path both set to 'Impacts' to grab the impact data. Like So:


The impact data (the impact points) are only pulled in on the frame of the collision and deleted right after (they are not persistent) so I used a SOP Solver to grab and hold it. 

Disclaimer: I'm not sure this is the proper workflow but at least it worked for me on your file.

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