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Flip fluid - Simulation area different color


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As I was going through some tweaking of my Ocean scene, I have discovered a problem. Why my flip fluid area has a different color then my extended ocean??

I have done a few times ago the same things but sometime this problem had appeared! :/ 


would be nice if someone knows the answer how to tackle this!?


thanks! :)


Ocean problem 2.jpg

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Hey Daniel,

Don't know if you've already solved this problem by now, but in case you haven't here's what I think the problem is.

In your uniform volume shader (right next to the basicliquid in your image), check the cloud density value, it is probably too high. If you reduce it to something like 0.1 then it should start to match the rest of the ocean. Basically if this value is very high, it makes your water less transparent, by filling it up with a volume.

If the problem persists, let me know. Hope this helps...


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