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Layered and fracture rock shader issue


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Hi everyone! I've been stuck on a particular problem today. I've been using a simple voronoi in Houdini to fracture a rock, but I'd somehow like to bake a layered texture or vertex map so you can see the lines emanating from the shell of the model. I've attached a picture of some agate so you can get a better understanding. This is so I can export the alembic into C4D and apply different textures to these 'ridges' using the vertex map, or just a baked texture outright. I'd only need a couple of bands at the outer edges, not going all the way to the center :)

Heavily Banded Laguna Agate from Ojo Laguna, Ahumada, Chihuahua, Mexico

I initially tried converting the rock before the fracture to a volume and baking a ridged texture using the depth from this, but I just can't seem to figure it out. I also tried copying the rock a couple of times, sizing it down a little, then used these copies to bake the vertex colour, but it still wouldn't budge!

I'd be very helpful for any tips as it'd be great to get a procedural solution to this problem :)

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Thank you very much for your help! I ended up doing a pretty nasty method that involved duplicating the object a few times, scaling each one by normal direction a bit, then using these to drive a vertex colour map on the fractured object. I then baked this map out and smoothed it with photoshop :) I had to increase the density of the mesh a fair bit to get it to look ok so I'm very grateful that there's a better and more efficient method :) 

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