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Hi there,

I am making a simple teacup. Before subdividing the cup, I tried to use uvpelt to do unwrap my UV. This is my first time to use UVpelt. I am not sure if I am doing it correctly. I found the final render does not look. Can anyone who can give me suggestion of how I can use the uvPelt correctly inorder to have my teacup unwrapped with uvpelt. I really want to learn UV pelt.

thank you for your attention!



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Could you say a little more about what you are actually expecting to see in the render?

All the uv pelt does is flatten the model into uv space so that each point has a unique coordinate. It appears to have done this effectively.

If you are looking for something more regular maybe you should try using a cylindrical, or spherical mapping on the cup and only pelt the handle.


I could think of ways of building this which would create the uvs as you go by making the handle and cup as meshes applying row and column uvs and then joining the 2 together. There are many ways to approach this but what is the final desired "look"?

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Thank you for your suggestions! One thing I was not happy about my UV was the checkers on my handle are so small compare with the checker on the cup's body. This causes different resolution of the mapping are seen in my teacup. How can I have this teacup to be UVpelt evenly?

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If you stick with uv pelting the whole thing in one go you'll have to go in with the uvedit sop and do some work to make the distribution more even. Unless someone knows a trick for this. I haven't used uvpelt much.

One of the reasons this interests me is because it is exactly the reason i'm working on this


The idea is that it will sort out these issues automatically without having to edit things manually.

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