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How to stop rotating with fade


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I think you need to use a solver. Currently rotations does not accumulate. Angle is an absolute value.
When @progressive decreases, the motion reverses and the rotation returns to zero. Probably what is causing the "crazy rotations".
Also the rotation value is very high. almost one turn per frame for some points.
But I am not sure what you are trying to achieve.
Here is still a modified file with rotation stopping smoothly, but probably not what you want. At least the problem is more obvious.


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Hi Flcc,

thank you for taking time with my problem. Dealing with rotation in houdini is really headek!! It needs more tweeking/work to get something soft I agree. Your exemple seems to be the same as mine no? I can get the difference..

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Hi Flcc,

what i'm looking for is to get roating instances that get stopped smoothly in an area zone. I guess attribute transfer was the best start to get the area zone. The main problem is to interact with a rotating instance to make it slow till it stop when in the area..

many way to do it i guess but i cant get the right one :)


Thank you.

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