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POPAttract with Vellum Leaves


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Hi Guys!

So i am completely new to simulations and I was wondering if you can help me out here :)

Basically I want to scatter some leaves on the  ground and vortex them onto the surface of a body (animated Human with a spin movement)

I tried it first with a popnet combined with axisforce/curveforce,attract and collisiondetect by setting the behaviour to "stick"....so far so good the points where more or less distributed on the body and it had the effect that a person is materializing from the leaves from bottom to top (although i couldnt find out how to distribute the particles more uniform onto the attractor)

So with this particle simulation I just copied the leaves to the points, added some random values to it and basically I had achieved what I wanted. But the movement of the leaves look to artifical so  I tried another way using Vellum. I had the same setup like in the POPnet  mentioned above but the leaves wont stick to my attractor although I visualized the hit collision in the "POPcollisiodetect" SOP and it clearly showed the the leaves where touching the attractor.


Is there another way of building this? Thanks in advance!!


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I messed around with Vellum a bit and I used the glue connstrain on the body...but still they dont distribute and strech like crazy. I Attached a scenefile
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