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Vellum Cloth Tips and Tricks question

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Hi everybody. I need some small explanation. Have you seen this tutorial on sidefx page?


At the very end, right before the final simulation, there is pin constraint based on the painted attribute "target_stiffness". The solver refers to the Target1 object which does not exist in the scene. According to the tutorial, this "target_stiffness" attribute is used to specify which part should move freely and which part should keep its shape. So my question is how does this pin constraint works if there is no target? And how should I set this target?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Zigmund!

First, You should simulate cloth using constraint cloth without pin to target constraint , and then, you may see some part of cloth should be more free to flow in air, in that case you should get simulated output cloth from previous level as a input for new simulation using  pin to target constraint and pin painted points from this cloth to corresponding points from last simulation, 

Usually in "pin to target constraint " simulation we do pin points to corresponding points at simulated cloth not a fixed and unmoving cloth    

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