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White spots on ocean render manta

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I am getting white spots when i add any lights(spot,distant etc) on the ocean surface. 

Also after using the lights a lot, the displacement also goes at several places.

I wont be able to post the file but i can post the setting images or whatever else is needed.

I went through other forums but sadly they did not work well. Reducing the color limit did not work.

Any help would be appreciated.



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A few things you could try:

1. In your mantra rop node, try to increase reflection quality. 

2. In your ocean shader node, go to ocean shader tab > reflections and try to slightly increase reflect roughness, or decrease reflect intensity.

3. If there is a particular light which seems to cause a lot of trouble, you can remove reflections from it using contributions.


Let me know if any of these helped.

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A good thing I like to do when I see noise like that is render a frame with all the different passes (reflection, diffuse, subsurf, etc.) Its most likely reflection but its a good way to be absolutely positive. Once you figure that out you can find what you need to increase (pixel samples, limits, etc.) and that should remove most noise!

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Hey thanks for the reply.

So 1) did not work.

in 2) it kinda worked when i increased the roughness to 0.2 :))but naturally added more smudged up spots. Dont know if thats better in adding realism?

Have attached pictures for with/without.


3) yeah definitely but it happens with most lights.

Appreciate the reply.:)

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