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Hi !
I'm working on a rig, completed with Rigging series tutorials made by Michael Goldfarb.
I've got two scans of an arm, open and bent one.
Unfortunately elbow deformation is troublesome.
I followed these videos :
The first video made by Ramteen presented a method with 
sopcreateedit -d name sop1 sop2

Using command with -d didn't work, so I did without.

sopcreateedit name sop1 sop2

Trying the command with -d resulted with an error, it couldn't find a deform node.

I assume this is a key-step to achieve the proper result..

The directory was right, otherwise I wouldn't have extracted anything at all.

Without any further ado I'm atatching self-explainatory image, representing the issue. 

When I tried Rok Andic approach with Shape Difference node, it didn't work at all... only errors in CHOP NET saying improper SOP input. Even having all capture attrs intact

Does anyone have an idea what's the solution?

Maybe you could help? @Ramteen@michael 


Many thanks in advance!









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