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BLOOD DRIPS along an object


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Hey, I need some help doing blood drips sim from the forehead of a model. I've been trying out the CONDENSATION SHELF tool and this was the closest result i could get to what I want.

Here is the Issue.

1) I'm wondering if this is the best way to do it (idk if FLIP is better for this).

2) I've not been able to fix the gaps between the particles so they leave a trail and don't look like just chunks (I think taht one is about smaller particle separation).

3) I want the drips to start from left of the models forehead to right.

I've been tweaking it for a week and just made it worst this is the best result i could get.

Thanks to everyone that has ever answered something on odforce everything has been so helpful.






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8 hours ago, duveil said:

I tried with simple carve and metaball. Timeline starts from 1105 


Thanks for answering. I had a problem with the hip file my Houdini is not reading well i think, it shows me nothing. Do you like screenshots or how it looks in yours. I'm able to se all the nodes in your project file just nothing on the viewport.

I think what you did will help me greatly.

Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 11.07.56 a.m..png

Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 11.03.43 a.m..png

Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 11.07.42 a.m..png

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