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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys. I'd like to have 2, maybe 3 colors of paint swirling in the blob. How do I go about that? Attached is the hiplj_paintblob_flipsim_test (1).hiplc file.
  2. Hey, I need some help doing blood drips sim from the forehead of a model. I've been trying out the CONDENSATION SHELF tool and this was the closest result i could get to what I want. Here is the Issue. 1) I'm wondering if this is the best way to do it (idk if FLIP is better for this). 2) I've not been able to fix the gaps between the particles so they leave a trail and don't look like just chunks (I think taht one is about smaller particle separation). 3) I want the drips to start from left of the models forehead to right. I've been tweaking it for a week and just made it worst this is the best result i could get. Thanks to everyone that has ever answered something on odforce everything has been so helpful. BLOOD_HEAD_DRIPS_v04.abc
  3. Hi I am a very basic user. I am trying to do a fluid sim where a tank fills up with water in approximately 15-20 secs. The source of the water entering the tank does not have to be seen. Just that the water level should rise Any suggestions on where to start and will be very welcome
  4. Hello, I am working on a ocean scene, and everytime I want to flipbook my animation then I get an error code after some time: "OpenCL Exception: clCreateBuffer (-61)" and this many times... like this: OpenCL Exception: clCreateBuffer (-61) OpenCL Exception: clCreateBuffer (-61) OpenCL Exception: clCreateBuffer (-61) OpenCL Exception: clCreateBuffer (-61) OpenCL Exception: clCreateBuffer (-61) OpenCL Exception: clCreateBuffer (-61) .......... and after some time Houdini is crashing... how can I fix this problem? my Hardware: CPU: 1920x Threadripper (12 cores) GPU: AMD HD Readon 6990 64 GB Ram Would be very glad about help!
  5. Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. Before I start I'd like to apologies for my English. I'm creating a flip sim of a ship rising from underneath the ocean and splashing pretty much similar to this type of shot and I'm following this tutorial from Escape Studios on Youtube The problem I'm getting is that the splash is too big ( https://imgur.com/a/jpd1KsI ) What would be the solution to get just the right splash for this type of shot? The boat has been scaled and animated in Meters before I've imported it to Houdini. I have attached the hip file so everyone could take a look. Also, the flip simulation seems to move very slow compare to the animation of the boat. Here's the preview Thanks all! Boatsplash.hipnc
  6. Hello all! I'd like to preface this with the statement that I'm fairly new to Houdini, come from the art side of things, and am trying baby's first Vex. Please forgive my ignorance. I'm trying to create a melty candle effect and am having some issues getting the candle to build up new wax over old wax without reheating it. This is my first real dive into fluid sim, and I think this is one of those "didn't realize it was a complex sim when I started" scenarios. I've seen a few tutorials on how to do this effect if you are generating the particles, by controlling the temp directly with particle life, but i'm trying to do this effect with the melt object preset, and as far as I know, there is no particle life that can help me here. My question is, how would you approach the issue? I made a very apelike attempt at a popwrangle with a if temp > .9 viscosity is 'insert low value here' else viscosity is 'solid value here' kinda deal. I had no clue what I was doing and it failed miserably. I'll leave it in the side of the DopNet for you to chuckle at should you so choose. It is safely quarantined from the other nodes so it doesn't frighten the children. If I'm approaching this all wrong, please let me know. I'm fairly certain I've got some default settings on this sim that shouldn't be, bad preview settings, etc. . . I'd like to learn the best practices for running these sorts of things. I'm a 3D illustrator/generalist and am trying to add some VFX tricks to my sleeves. I came from Maya over to Houdini a few months back and its still daunting. Really fun though! Thanks for your help! Candletest.hiplc
  7. How exactly do you do the workflow for Flowmaps. I know there's the comb and obstacle nodes in the gameshelf, but if you wanted to copy a fluid simulation, would it be as simple as doing:0. Timeshift/freezeframe your fluid mesh1. Attribute transfer the velocity onto your flat river plane from your sculpted fluid sim. 2. Then with a wrangle, normalize the velocity attribute, then add the X/z values to the UVs? ie @uv += @velocity;I know people blend the uvs back and forth - one with rest one with the distorted UVs but not sure how to do that - I mean I know how to add the layer node to create a uv2, uv3 etc, but as far as importing into unreal, the extra uv sets created in Houdini don't translate over on my meshes only showing one UV set. For Vorticity/foam - I'm assuming you just make a vertex colored mask then blend/lerp to your content?
  8. Hello OD force, I'm a new Houdini user, and I'm looking for some general advice when it comes to utilizing Ocean FX & FLIP tools for a project. Right now my team has been tasked with recreating Myst Island, and our camera shots feature a lot of interaction with water. We need to see an ocean trailing off to the horizon, splashes on the shoreline, and camera shots that pan under and out of the water. Needless to say, for a new Houdini user, this has been a (little) overwhelming so far. BUT, luckily, I've made some progress, and there are a couple more months to figure this out. Here's what I'm curious about: - How will shading both the FLIP & Ocean patches work consistently within Mantra? Is it better to somehow make a custom shader for this or Is it better to mesh the FLIP Sim w. VDB and apply displacement on top of it via the ocean shader? (My concern is that perhaps displacement may not work work in conjunction with velocity attributes affecting the mesh) (Finding anything about shading water & foam/splashes inside Houdini has proven to be an elusive topic in general) - What are some recommended tutorials/resources that you think might be helpful? - How would you approach a technical challenge like this? If you're interested in seeing the blockout video, I have it on vimeo here: I've also included a screencap of the ocean I've built so far. Thanks for reading! Have a good day, - Tyler Bay
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