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Found 6 results

  1. FLIP - Spreading Bloodstain

    Hi, I'm working on a bloostain, that shall diffuse/expand over 450 frames to fill up the whole frame in the end (to be used as a kind of 2d transition effect later on) I was able to do a nifty flip sim, but in the end it wasn't behaving like blood at all. To get more of that blood-like rolling diffusion effect, I tried to introduce some viscosity. But with viscosity on, the stain isn't moving anymore. (The bloodstain should already be there, so no dripping & dropping, only expansion in x and z) Tried different viscosity-values, played around with friction and vel as well, still no luck. I think some viscosity could help here, so can someone point the right direction to get it to work? I`ll attach my tries thanks in advance Houdini-Bloodstain.zip
  2. shader question

    Hi,all I have some question,Everybody use which one shader assign to blood ?? thanks~
  3. Hey guys, I'm doing a blood seeping/absorbed on a tissue. Have done one with AttribWrangle & Solver based of a tutorial. The logic is a. points selection, b. blood starts to grow from selected points by choosing neighbors While it works with a point selection at the Solver StartFrame, I would like to improve the point selection step, with a dynamic selection like where a newer bullet[animated sphere] touching the surface should start spawning the blood. New to Solver & need your help on this. Thanks in Advance Arun bloodSeep_v01.hipnc
  4. My 3 year old work, most of tasks was done in Houdini.
  5. I'm doing some research for a future project possibly involving a beast hit by arrows and bleeding heavily while travelling a water surface. So the questions are probably obvious, how do I get all these simulations to interact ? I know about Houdini's fur, wire solver and flips, but as I can expect some close-ups where we see the blood clumping the fur, while beeing driven by it's relief, and as the fur itself has to float on a water surface, while the blood, after leaving the fur has to dissolve itself in the water pond. I'm not expecting a complete solution, but if you already tackled that kind of situation I'm rater intrested in hearing from you ! Thanks Br1
  6. Blood/Gold Dribble Streams

    I am looking to achieve an effect similar to the one in the E3 Ghost Recon Opening where the blood has that hero dribble following a path. - I want to have Gold Dribbling down a marble bust of a head and scatter these over the surface so we have these trails running down the face. These will be a detailed macro shots. - For the Hero ones I would like to have some artistic control over the movement/path ( I am trying it was a curve now but paint attributes might be better ) - I want to have that effect dribble ( say like water ) has that the path it takes down the surface is slightly noisy TESTS (I want a mixture of 6's movement and some of its shape and mix in a bit of 7's consistency in its shape.): I am currently using FLIP and emitting a single droplet and letting is fall down the surface. I have Surface Tension and a bit of Viscosity. I am not sure the best way to control it and I am not convinced FLIP is the answer. I uploaded my current tests ( really simple ). I want to maintain that natural flow of the fluid and using a curve force is producing this 'pulled' effect that removes the internal variety in the streams ( that flow movement down the path) I am not sure I am approaching this in a good way for when we apply it to the head ( will test that soon after I get some more control on the plane ). I am think SOP might be the best bet but the flow movement internal in the drop might be the problem. Does anyone have experience with an effect like this or maybe some tips? HIPs are attached. EDIT: I have had a peak at this after some deep searches! I will play around for bit! streamtests.zip