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Ramp value in HScript

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float value = chramp("ramp",fit11(sin(@Time),0,1))*chf("amp");

this is what i would do in vex but i need to use it as a value for a node parameter. Is this possible in hscript?
i tried creating a string multiline vex parameter in the parameter interface and write this

float value = chramp("ramp",fit11(sin(@Time),0,1))*chf("amp");
return value;

then reference the result inside the parameter like chf("vex") or chs("vex") ? none of those would work ofcourse but i dont know what else to try

Any tips?

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You'll just need to create a "ramp" and "amp" parms (attached example)
Notice the extra 0 at the end of the chramp function, that's the first component since you can do vector ramps too

how do you find help about hscript?
Open a textport and search for ramp:

exhelp -k ramp 

Then get the docs about chramp

exhelp chramp



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