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Clean CAD Data for Rendering


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I imported CAD Data via stp and Unreals Datasmith (great workflow). Now I have the Files in Houdini and they came in fine but much more geometry than I need. Besides Poly reduction I want to do 2 Things to reduce the Polycount:

1. There are a lot of Drillings in Steel plates which can´t be seen in Rendering - is there a way to procedural close them

2. There are Tubes with width. Is it possible to procedural delete the geometry inside a Tube

Would be nice if you could give me a hand on this to topics :)

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Shure here are some Pictures

There are a lot of Tubes and Plates with holes like this.

I now addes a fbx File as well (under the Window). Houdini is mighty this must be solvable procedurally!




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added an FBX
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Wow completly different approach than I would have thought - Really Effective and I learned a lot. Thanks you!

But what if the Tube isnt Straight but bended or even more complex Shaped- is there a way to delete Faces with normals facing to the inside of the Object?

I uploaded a sample file


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