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control field/range in pyro


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May solvers in pyro  (e.g. dissipation, disturbance, etc.) can be further controlled by fields like density, temperature, etc. However, to have a meaningful control, you need to set the max values for this control field (e.g. 0 -> no effect , X -> full effect, or even one can use a ramp to have non-linear control) -- see attached image. My question: the max value of a parameter, e.g. temperature, cannot be known in advance, so does that mean : one needs to sim twice, first to get the max value , second use that max value in the control field? Is that normal? Is there any work around?

In the attached image: Dissipation is controlled by Temperature, but it's impossible to know the max value of Temperature before simming first -by default Houdini sets it to 2, but in many sims, this is not the case, in one sim max temperature could be 140.... (so, does it mean, one also needs to sim twice?)




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