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Point deformer doesn't work with animated geometry?


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I have a vellum soft body simulation, and I want to use a point deformer to deform the render body based on the vellum simulation. It works on the first few frames, where the model is close to the rest pose, but as the animation moves forward, the deformation gets weirder. I also try cloth capture&deformer, buts it doesn't do anything.

I check and the point number stays consistent during the animation (both on the render body, and the vellum sim as well), change parameter in the point deformer node also doesn't help.image.png.2ea10b3382df6b1e822eea24de0b7986.png

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Switching the PointDeform Mode to only "Deform" instead of "Capture & Deform" appears to work better although not perfectly. 

I suspect you are getting double transformations by adding the deforming simulation cache on top of the animation of the character movement.  I've only ever used PointDeform to deform static meshes and it has typically worked for that.

Attached is a quick hack to subtract the difference in your characters motion from the rest position, it seems to line back up well.  There was also a point on the character's arm that was included in your deformation set, so I removed that and set the points up through a Group SOP instead of the point list originally in there.


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