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Vellum grain clustering pieces issue...


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Hi guys,

In a Vellum grain sim, I would like several chunks (clusters) to interact, but not stick to each other.

As you can see in the image below they stick after the collision. How can I fix it?


According to the documentation, there is an option in the Vellum Solver node called "Ignore Neighbors in Same Piece":




Ignore Neighbors in Same Piece: Ignore any neighbors that have the same non-negative value for the piece point attribute. This option can be enabled to create separate clusters of grains that only interact with other clusters, often in conjunction with a Shape Match constraint to give rigid behavior. The VDB To Spheres SOP can be a good method for filling objects with overlapping grains.

I tried to use this option, but it doesn't work.



Thanks for helping.


Vellum Grain_02.hip

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