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How to Continue "Render" After Interrupting it?

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I'm wondering - is it possible to continue "rendering" after you've interrupted a render?

Let's say I render out 36 out of 240 frames. Then I "interrupt" the render, and then I want to start it "again" from frame 36 to 240.

Is this possible? I mean sure, I can manually set the start frame to be 36, but the last time I tried, the two simulations "together" did not make sense, aka from 1-36 and 36-240... there was like a "Cut" from 36 to 37 to a completely different "Version" of the animation.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask. Tried to explain as best as I can.

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Rendering and simulating are two separate things. You might be mixing them up? Use a file cache to completely simulate all 240 frames. This will write a file for every frame of your simulation. Then you can render any frame range without having to re-simulate.

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