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Force Stash node to re-stash on upstream chages

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I have a mesh and have a few separate Vellum sims that fire in a linear fashion. I've found I need to "stash" the output of the first vellum sim, otherwise the 2nd vellum sim runs forever. As result there is a bunch of manual updates I want to remove in the graph to have it cook and update properly.

Upstream I want to update a rigpose node and have all the stashes update and sims fire on the new data.

I am not having any luck getting both the stash nodes to updates.. I have tried python sops before and after the stash with hou.node("../stash1").parm("stashinput").pressButton()

and I have tried

n = hou.node("../stash1")
parm = n.parm("stash")
parm.set(geo) without much luck.

I am under the impression that the stash node might need a time update to trigger, but have not been able to make a timeshift force an update either.

Thanks for any help.

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Was able to solve the issue by replacing the stash nodes with  'cacheif'  nodes.

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