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Found 2 results

  1. I have a mesh and have a few separate Vellum sims that fire in a linear fashion. I've found I need to "stash" the output of the first vellum sim, otherwise the 2nd vellum sim runs forever. As result there is a bunch of manual updates I want to remove in the graph to have it cook and update properly. Upstream I want to update a rigpose node and have all the stashes update and sims fire on the new data. I am not having any luck getting both the stash nodes to updates.. I have tried python sops before and after the stash with hou.node("../stash1").parm("stashinput").pressButton() and I have tried n = hou.node("../stash1") parm = n.parm("stash") parm.set(geo) without much luck. I am under the impression that the stash node might need a time update to trigger, but have not been able to make a timeshift force an update either. Thanks for any help.
  2. Hi everyone! I'm starting to get into Python 2.7 for Houdini Indie (17.5) before jumping into Houdini 18 with Python 3, and I've been working in a flipbook tool until now everything is being okay but now I've found that I can't recover the camera settings/flipbook settings after generating the MPlay to maintain the user settings after applying the script. I've been trying to use the 'hou.GeometryViewportCamera.stash()' to create a copy of the settings but I'm not sure how to use it and where should I recover these settings. Also when I try to use it I get this error: 'TypeError: unbound method setDefaultCamera() must be called with GeometryViewport instance as first argument (got nothing instead)' I've created a simplified version of the script that I'll be attaching down below: If someone has any advice or idea of how would be the good approaching intro this, I'll bee really thankful. Thanks in advance to everyone.