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How to import Multi-Material OBJ?

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Hey guys, how can I import an OBJ with all of its materials and textures already assigned to those materials? Unfortunately manually assigning all materials is not an option as there are more than 150 different materials each with its own albedo, normals etc.


Thanks in advance!

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I don't think there is a single file format that Houdini can import which auto assigns the materials. Your stuck, buck-up and start making the manual assignments, or better yet, write a script to do it. After all, what material would you expect the OBJ to have? Would it be a Mantra material, a Karma material, a Redshift material, an Octane material, a 3Delight material, a Renderman material, etc...

Just an FYI, for me, a manual assignment of one hundred of anything is not considered out of the question. When I'm faced with several hundred or thousands of manual steps, that's when I consider script automation.

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