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vellum warriors? Piling wires or straw


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I want to pile up a few inches of straw and then have a character bust through it. But right now they're too stiff and buzz.

Straw as in lots of little lines piling up.

What's going to kill me with the sim? Lots of substeps? Should I crank up friction?

Any caveats with auto-sleep?

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generally adjustment for substeps,and some collision related parameters is a must for this type of sims,

and the initial string/hair mass and radius are some of the key factors,

friction and drags are very important,i don't think auto-sleep is necessary,some times you can add a weak shape match(not sure it can work well on string/hair,for cloth it can effect much)

all those details depend on your scenes,hope it helps

or please post some files


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