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Topographic map


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Hi! I try to create some topographic maps like in these samples:

d1ef115e5fa0af5e21a7ca0057327b2f.jpg d5287939d323266a88b170950a980391.jpg6f4a1b15e5ac3d32c590b9dcb1fc2e82.jpg4385d424e4b14237da970133715fddca.jpg



I tried and came somewhat close to what I'm looking for but I'm not sure if that is the best way to do it. also the main issue here is, the layers which contains holes, won't be cut out.



These are the marked areas which don't work correctly:



What can I do to fix those holes or is there even a better solution to create this kind of effect? I would like to use some kind of noise so it can be animated later.

Thanks for the help!





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