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Houdini to Unreal workflows


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Anyone expereinced with Houdini to Unreal workflows?
Looking for some sort of comparison table to help determine when to use different export options for animated or deforming meshes.
- alembic
- fbx via rbd to fbx
- fbx via dembones skinning converter

So many options!

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Hi art3mis,

We used all those options before and it depends on what you are exporting. Alembic for vellum cloth is not great for optimisation later on and VAT was constantly loaded in memory which gave us problems during optimisation as well. We ended up using dembones for our baked cloth simulation and in the end was a lot lighter on the system. RBD to FBX was used extensively through out our production. That was great since we can optimise the the simulation right before it was baked and it doesn't change the rbd sim at all.

Another issue with Alembic is that it doesn't handle a 2nd UV channel. 


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