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RBD question - procedural animation + bricks

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Hi all, This is the video I'm trying to wrap my head around this. https://youtu.be/hVZ9YSvMG_M

My first thoughts are that at 0:08, he's feeding in animated geometry (big pieces moving up and down) that doesn't get simulated by bullet - then after when the big pieces are cut at shattered around 0:16, he just activates the points near the edges (active 1 and animated 0) of the big pieces and sets them to active so they detach based on the distance from the other piece points. Please correct me if I'm wrong here.

Question : How is he adding and inheriting the movement of the small square bricks on top of the basic vornoi cut pieces around 0:25, where it looks like a big cobblestone looking street is collapsing. It looks so much more natural than the vornoi fracture you typically see.

Is this some transform pieces SOP magic he's doing based on the name attributes of the underlying pieces and some matrix magic with VEX or am I missing something here?

I'd also like to know if the animated part at 0:08 is actually animated static geo and how is he then inheriting that animation onto the vornoi pieces - is the method I described above actually true or am I just talking out of my a** again.

I'd REALLY appreciate if someone with deeper knowledge of bullet and RBD could throw together a simple scene sort of replicating a similar thing seen in the video (can only be two pieces being animated up and then simulated), I would really like to understand what's happening exactly and I've not had much luck getting any clarity from the owner of the video. I was only able to procedurally animate the pieces moving up and then being set to active at a certain frame in the SOP Solver but this is a bit tricky to figure out.

Much appreciated and happy 2023 everyone, keep on being cool!

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