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Is Toon Rendering Possible In Direct Way?


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Like in the title. Any suggestion? I notice that even SideFX don't talk about this kind of rendering. Maybe it's not common use of Houdini but is good quality toon possible in Mantra?

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Yes you can, but at the moment there are no pre-rolled shaders etc. to do it for you.

You might want to read this thread Toon shaders

and there are other threads on the forum about this subject too. What is really needed is a complete and fully implimented set of shaders with complimentary cop, output and object assets to make toon rendering simple.

Basically though there is nothing special that other renderers do that can't also be set up in mantra, as with most things it just requires knowing how....

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i know houdini is not meant to be point and click but without a shader writing team to call on you are in trouble if you dont have a maths background and a lot of time to spare :)

more out of the box shaders would be nice :)

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