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Query parameter under the right-click menu


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Is there a way to query the parameter you right clicked, essentially what I want to do is right-click on said parameter - query it - and then create a copy right underneath it. I have a PARMmenu.xml file going, I am just not clear in how to get the query. Noob to python, but long time houdini user.

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I am not sure of what you want to achieve, but here is a hint of how to print the clicked parameter name

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <subMenu id="parmmenu.print_parm">
            <insertBefore />
            <label>Print Parm</label>
parms = kwargs["parms"]

for parm in parms:


The "parms" keyword argument is a tuple containing the clicked parameters that triggered the menu (it is a tuple because in some cases there are multiple parameters for the same parameter on the interface, a translate has tx, ty and tz for exemple). If I understant what you mean by creating a copy of the parameter, you can copy its parm template and add it to the node which the clicked parm belongs to.



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