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Sprite Rendering Mantra

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Seems like a bit of a retro subject, but can anyone give me some pointers as how to render sprites in Mantra? 
The documentation isn't great and I'm not really sure of the basic process. Any guidance appreciated! 


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You are Welcome @simonfarussell..
Now You can Start Some New Topic with Name lets See..." Tricks with Chops" and share some knowledge when you have Time. B):P

...Here you have some codes from Asia . that i use more in combination with Chops and Points..

int idx = floor(7*rand(@ptnum)+1);
// diff_colorTextureopacity_colorTexture
// @material_override
s@material_override = 
itoa(idx)+".pic\",'opacity_colorTexture': \"$HFS/houdini/pic/butterfly"+
s@shop_materialpath = "/mat/classicshader1";
i@butterfly = @ptnum;
4@mat = maketransform(@N,@up,@P);

and rotation

v@P -= v@cen;
int id = @ptnum % 6;
float off = 2*PI*rand(i@butterfly);
float freq = 10+5*rand(i@butterfly);
if(id == 0 || id == 3){
    float ang = 30*sin(freq*@Time+off);
    vector4 quat = quaternion(radians(ang),@N);
    @P = qrotate(quat,@P);
}else if(id == 2 || id == 5){
    float ang = -60*sin(freq*@Time+off);
    vector4 quat = quaternion(radians(ang),@N);
    @P = qrotate(quat,@P);
@P += v@cen;


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