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specific points along specific curves


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I have a bit of a noob question here but I have not been able to find the answer otherwise.

How could I take a particle in a pop network work, plug in a network of curves into the
pop net and have particles only follow velocites of the curve with the corresponding
id attribute?

I have a name attribute for each curve and I have the particle with a matching
name attribute but I have not been able to get the particle to follow the curve
with the matching ID. I thought that I could do it with a pc lookup but it seems
to follow all of the curves in the lookup and not the curve with the matching

Is there a way to achieve this? any guidance on this would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Best, Christian

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I would use xyzdist to sample the curves:


You can use the overload that accepts a prim group where it be an ad-hoc group like so:

"@name=curve05", which would limit the look up to that curve where the name attribute is curve05. You would use this syntax to form the right curve for each point.

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Thank you guys for your great suggestions. I was able to use the method suggested by animatrix, it worked perfectly, I had to use this with a network of over 100 curves and xyzdist did the trick!

Best, Christian

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