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Sine wave on a curve in sops

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I have written a short vex snippet to take a drawn curve and move a sine wave with @P along the curve, it uses the @up vector to determine the orientation of the hills and valleys of the wave. It seems to be working except for the fact that the frequency of the sine waves are not consist through the whole curve. It's a distorted curve so areas that have more bend tend to stretch out the frequency of the waves and areas that turn tend to clump up. Is there a way for me to get a consistent sine wave no matter what the shape of the curve is?


Cheers, Christian

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Thank you, your file was very helpful and I was able to get this working.

One thing I am having trouble working out is how to get points of my curve to stick to other points of a mesh or helper. I come from a 3ds max backround and normally I would skin the points of a curve to some helpers

that I could animate or attach to other objects. I have been looking around but I have not solved how to effect this in houdini. Maybe I could do this with Kinefix? I am not so familiar with it yet.

Anyway if anyone has suggestions on how the houdini way to do this is I would love to know. Thank You!

best, Christian

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