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How to run erosion on multiple heightfields at once?

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Guys is it possible to merge 6 different heightfields in this manner and run erosion on all of them at once? Of course I can project them all to a bigger heightfield and run erosion there (marked gray) but then I waste too much processing power on areas/heightfields I don't actually need:


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You can loop over each heightfield and apply erosion inside the loop, compile the loop and make sure to toggle Multithread when Compiled. This will ensure all the erosions will run in parallel, but you might run out of GPU memory also.

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Posted (edited)
47 minutes ago, hannes603 said:

@animatrix   ....heightfield erosion does not work in compile block bec its not compilable node...

maybe the heightfield cutout object helps ?!

I didn't realize this but looking inside it's the Timeshift SOP that's one of the culprits. So you can delete it.

Another thing you have to change is to convert the Solver SOP into a Foreach Loop network. Then you should be able to compile it.

I don't know if there are other issues that would require the use of spare parms, etc.

So it's quite a bit of work, but some advanced things do require this sort of complex manipulation to get the best performance. It's worthwhile to submit an RFE to SESI also.

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I just tried exactly what I suggested and it works fully compiled, but it's a lot of work to replace all the expressions and many of the Heightfield nodes are not built to be compilable either, so it's not for the faint of heart to make this work.


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