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How to prevent overlapping points when peaking concave geometry?

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I have a curve that I'm peaking, but when the peak value gets too high, the points overlap themselves. Is there a SOP or common technique that can remove these points as they occur and keep the line similar to it's original shape?

I tried setting up a for loop that applies the peak incrementally, and fuses points when they get too close, but there were cases where the overlapping points never got within a reasonable fuse distance, so it wasn't a reliable solution.

I've noticed the polyexpand node does handle these overlaps, but I only need a single curve as the output, and it also pushes the first and last points outwards. Any help would be much appreciated!



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Yes I'm happy :lol: ...It works like For-each by distance  in direction of that BiTangent -Normal with 'imaginary' ray of correct Placed center of that normal ...:D. and it always stay True. Therefore second peak work correctly ..  Now my professor  could say to me sit down 2..
I'm not so good at explaining sorry.:wub:

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You are going to have some trouble with this method as soon as your input curve is a little move complex (PicB).  You will have better chance by building the parallel transport of your curve. here i just use a sweep . (PicA)

Orient along curve could help you to do that

Orient alimage.thumb.png.f7f89fa88e1e7780ca110b55196a2afa.pngong curb


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